Welcome to www.albinmotor.nl, the web page of ‘Klop Scheepsmotoren’. Klop Scheepsmotoren is a one-man company specialized in overhauling exclusively Albin and Volvo Penta MB10a marine engines.

Contrary to what many people think, the Albin brand is still very much alive. Thanks to the robust design, many Albin gasoline and diesel engines run in boats of all shapes and sizes all over the world. The company started as a hobby at first, but is now dedicated to professionally overhauling Albin gasoline and diesel engines. We also take care of the Volvo Penta MB10a engines. Through years of experience we are not only aware of all common Albin age problems and ailments, but we also know the solution for every problem.

On this website you will find all available documentation about Albin engines. You will also find information about common problems, overhaul, and our work approach. You can buy new and refurbished parts in our webshop.

With below services we are happy to be at your disposal:

  • Commissioned work, both overhaul and repair
  • Sales of overhauled engines
  • Sales of new Albin and Volvo Penta MB10a spare parts
  • Sales of remanufactured and used Albin and Volvo Penta Mb10a parts
  • Advice on installing and removing the engine from / to the boat
  • Advice regarding the installations around the engine (fuel system, cooling system, electricity)
  • Advice on the purchase and sale of boats with an Albin or Volvo Penta MB10a engine
  • Lathe and milling work (for example, manufacturing adapter flanges)

Feel free to inquire about the possibilities, we are happy to help you anytime.


Maarten Klop