After many years of service, the mechanical distributor gets worn out and this results sometimes in increasing deviations in the centrifugal advance mechanism. The contact breaker cam is also subject to wear and often to such an extent that it also has a disruptive effect. It is not difficult to overhaul the original (Bosch) distributors, provided that new replacement parts must be available. And that has not been the case lately. For that reason the 123-Ignition has been developped, which is a full replacement of the original Bosch distributor.

The advantages of the 123-Ignition:

  • Correct advance at all speeds and always a maximum spark
  • Once correctly adjusted, it remains properly adjusted
  • No need to replace (and adjust) contact points and condensor
  • The advance ‘mechanism’ has no parts subject to wear
  • No risk of the ignition coil burning out if the ignition is switched on (the 123 ignition switches off after a few seconds of downtime)
  • In short, optimum performance and reliability are guaranteed when it comes to the distributor.

The 123-Ignition comes with assembly and adjustment instructions.

Points of attention:

  • A specially designed ignition 123-coil is always supplied¬† along with the123-Ignition.
  • It is recommended to replace the spark plugs and spark plug cables when installing the 123-Ignition.
  • Adjustment: with the included instruction, adjusting the 123-Ignition is relatively easy. Adjustment with a stroboscope light is recommended, this allows you to check the correct advance in addition to the static adjustment.
  • Damage to the 123-Ignition as a result of using a wrong ignition coil, rotor, distributor cap, spark plug cables or spark plugs will unfortunately void the warranty.

We have a full range of 123-Ignition kits and parts available for: