123-Albin O-21 / O-22

The 123-Ignition for the Albin O-21 and O-22 is now ready for sale.

Thanks to the efforts of Henry Hebels of www.123ignition-conversions.com we can present the pre-programmed electronic ignition unit for the Albin O-21 and O-22. The new unit replaces the original Bosch distributor  JF2 0231 109 014. With a conversion kit the unit can also be used as a replacement for SEM magneto ignition.

The 123-Ignition is supplied complete with pre-assembled wiring,  special 123-coil, and adjustment instruction. Tip: also replace the rotor, distributor cap, spark plug cables and spark plugs for optimum operation of the 123-Ignition.

The new 123-Ignition distributor needs to be mounted on the mounting flange & gearwheel from the old distributor. On request we can do this for you in the workshop.

See our shop for complete overview of options and pricing for the Albin O-21/O-22 123-Ignition.