123-Volvo Penta MB10a

The 123-Ignition for the Volvo Penta MB10a is now ready for sale.

Thanks to the efforts of Henry Hebels of www.123ignition-conversions.com we can present the pre-programmed electronic ignition unit for the Volvo Penta MB10a. The new unit replaces both the Bosch JF2 0231 109 015 power distributor and the Bosch JF2 0231 109 014.

The 123-Ignition is supplied complete with pre-assembled wiring,  special 123-coil, and adjustment instruction. Tip: also replace the rotor, distributor cap, spark plug cables and spark plugs for optimum operation of the 123-Ignition.

As ‘frosting on the cake’ we can also offer the 123 / TUNE + version. The 123 / TUNE + (via bluetooth) is a freely programmable 123-Ignition that is even easier to provide the correct values ​​for the advance curve thanks to an app. This app can be installed on your smartphone or tablet which provides you with a dashboard (on your smartphone or tablet) having a tachometer, advance, battery voltage, etc. If you have no experience with experimenting with advance curves, it is not recommended to use the 123 / TUNE +.

See our 123-Ignition for MB10a shop for complete overview of options and pricing.

The 123-Ignition also fits the Marna MB10a / Marna S engine.