Please let me introduce myself first: I’m Maarten Klop and I live in Langeraar, South Holland, The Netherlands. In 2013 I graduated for the Master’s Degree (MsC) of Mechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology. In addition to my Albin activities, I work part-time as Concept Design Engineer at a shipbuilding company, mainly involved in the design of offshore equipment. Having two jobs does require some flexibility from time to time, but it also provides a lot of fun, variety and challenge.

My first  introduction to Albin engines came more or less by accident, around the year 2008. Albin is a brand that is still very much alive. Almost all spare parts which are needed for overhaul of Albin engines are (again) newly produced in Sweden. Thousends of Albin engines have been newly sold in the Netherlands by Albin Nederland NV, a company which no longer exists since 1996.

Although the Albin brand had a good reputation back in the days, many Albin engines which are still in use suffer problems from their age and long lasting service life. The average Albin engine is roughly 40 to 70 years old, and that is a very high age for an internal combustion engine. Over time, the knowledge and experience that is needed to properly solving Albin problems has disappeared. For that reason, and because I find pleasure in preserving sailing heritage, I have specialized myself in Albin engines and overhauling them. This is done in the workshop in Alphen aan den Rijn, under the motto ‘do it right, or don’t do it at all’. The latter is of great importance when talking about engine overhaul.

Over the years, a network of suppliers, producers and servicing companies has grown around the Albin activities. Clients not only come from the Netherlands, but also from abroad. has grown into a specialist company, unique in its kind. The purpose of all this is, besides keeping Albin engines alive, that you can happily enjoy the sound of your Albin engine for years and years to come.