Fuel system (diesel)

The fuel system on the Albin diesel engines AD-2 and AD-21 consists of a feed pump, fuel filter, fuel injection pump with governor, fuel injectors and pipes.

The feedpump is of the membrane type and identical for both the Albin AD-2 and the AD-21. On the Albin AD-2 the Simms P4717 / 1 injection pump is mounted, and on the Albin AD-21 the Simms P4717 / 2 injection pump is mounted. Apparently the same pump, but the Albin AD-21 has a slightly larger fuel injection quantity and higher maximum speed compared to the AD-2. Simms N1172A injectors are mounted on both the Albin AD-2 and AD-21, with an opening pressure of 165 bar.

Overhauling the fuel injection pump and injectors  is normally outsourced to a diesel specialist. It is important that, especially with the Albin AD-2, the lubricating oil level in the fuel injection pump is checked and renewed from time to time. If this does not happen, the pump runs lean or evn dry on oil and this can lead to extensive internal damage. With the Albin AD-21, the fuel injection pump is lubricated from the engine oil through a pressure line.

It is of great importance that the diesel fuel is free of debris and water. A correctly installed and well-maintained fuel system consists of a clean tank, pre-filter with water separator, and a fine filter (already on the engine). Today’s diesel fuel contains an increasing percentage of biofuels, which negatively affects the service life of the fuel. The service life is the time that the fuel can be stored unused without degrading. It may be useful to add fuel additives that counteract the negative effects of today’s fuel. In addition, it is good to keep the fuel tank as full as possible when in storage, to minimize condensation.

When dismantling the fuel injection pump from the engine, it is important to put markings on the pump gear and the intermediate gearwheel in order to be able to correctly set the pump back on time. The engine may no longer be turned after the injection pump has been dismantled!